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Acnecinamide Cleansing Gel

Manufacturer:Wellesbourne manufactures Acnecinamide Cleansing Gel.
Uses:The uses of Acnecinamide Cleansing Gel include:
Acnecinamide Cleansing Gel helps the treatment of mild to moderate acne lesion. Cleans the skin and removes excessive sebum and oil. Acnecinamide Cleansing Gel leaves the skin feeling clean, clear and refreshed without stripping or drying. Special formula helps maximize the delivery of hydrating components and nourishing vitamins (vitamin B3, provitamin B5), which help maintain the skin's essential balance. Acnecinamide Cleansing Gel cleans your skin gently with oil-free formula without causing dryness. It is ideal for all skin types. 1. Removes dirt and rinses away excess sebum without drying the skin, 2. Cleans deeply and opens pores, 3. Inhibits the growth of acne causing bacteria, 4. Removes dead skin cells, excess oils, impurities and daily grime, 5. Renews the skin. Direction : Clean your skin with Acnecinamide Cleansing Gel twice daily (Especially in the morning and before bed-time). Keep your skin clean to unclogged the pores.
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