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Uses:The uses of Amiloride include:
Amiloride is manufactured by UK Generics, United Kingdom. Amiloride HCl tablets are indicated as adjunctive treatment with thiazide diuretics or other kaliureticdiuretic agents in congestive heart failure or hypertension to: a. help restore normal serum potassium levels in patients who develop hypokalemia on the kaliuretic diuretic b. prevent development of hypokalemia in patients who would be exposed to particular risk if hypokalemia were to develop, e.g., digitalized patients or patients with significant cardiac arrhythmias.
StrengthQtyPriceOrder Qty
5mg28 Tablets$48.29
5mg84(3 x 28) Tablets$70.10
5mg168(6 x 28) Tablets$96.26
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