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Manufacturer:Apotex NZ Ltd manufactures Apo-Primidone.
Uses:The uses of Apo-Primidone include:
Indications The management of grand mal and psychomotor (temporal lobe) epilepsy. It is also of value in the management of focal or Jacksonian seizures, myoclonic jerks and akinetic attacks. Dosage and Administration Treatment must always be individualised. In many patients it will be possible to use APO-PRIMIDONE alone but in some it will need to be combined with other anti-convulsants. APO-PRIMIDONE is usually given twice daily. Start with 125mg once daily late in the evening. Every three days increase the daily dose by 125mg until the patient is receiving 500mg daily. Thereafter, every three days increase the daily dose by 250mg in adults or 125mg in children under 9 years of age until control is obtained or the maximum tolerated dosage is being given. This may be as much as 1,500mg per day in adults and 1,000mg per day in children. Average daily maintenance doses: Children up to 2 years: 250mg to 500mg per day Children 2 to 5 years: 500mg to 750mg per day Children 6 to 9 years: 750mg to 1,000mg per day Adults and children over 9 years: 750mg to 1,500mg per day. The total daily dose is usually best divided and given in two equal amounts - one in the morning and the other in the evening. In certain patients it may be considered advisable to give a larger dose when seizures are more frequent e.g. if the attacks are nocturnal then all or most of the day's dose may be given at night; if the attacks are associated with some particular event such as menstruation a slight increase at the appropriate time is often beneficial.
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