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Uses:The uses of Danogen include:
Danogen is manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceuticals Limited, India. This medication is used to treat several conditions, including pelvic pain and infertility due to a uterus condition (endometriosis), breast pain and tenderness due to nodules (fibrocystic breast disease), and swelling of the abdomen/arms/face/airway due to a certain congenital disease (hereditary angioedema). Danazol is an androgen similar to testosterone. In women, it works by preventing the ovaries from producing certain natural substances (hormones) that can make these conditions worse. In both men and women, it also works on the body's defense system (immune system) to correct the problems related to angioedema.
StrengthQtyPriceOrder Qty
50mg 30 tablets$59.63
100mg 30 Capsules$74.95
200mg 30 tablets$94.24
50mg 90(3 x 30) tablets$134.96
100mg 90(3 x 30) Capsules$160.22
200mg 90(3 x 30) tablets$229.95
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