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Ornidazole - Arrow NZ

Manufacturer:Arrow manufactures Ornidazole - Arrow NZ.
Uses:The uses of Ornidazole - Arrow NZ include:
Indications and Usage 1.Bacterial vaginosis (non-specific vaginitis). 2.Trichomoniasis. Genitourinary infections in women and men due to Trichomonas vaginalis. 3.Amoebiasis. All intestinal infections due to Entamoeba histolytica, including amoebic dysentery. All extraintestinal forms of amoebiasis, especially amoebic liver abscess. Giardiasis (lambliasis). 4.Infections due to anaerobic bacteria. Treatment of infections such as septicaemia, meningitis, peritonitis, postoperative wound infections, puerperal sepsis, septic abortion, and endometritis, with demonstrated or suspected involvement of susceptible bacteria (see Properties and Effects). 6.Prophylaxis during surgical interventions, particularly those involving the colon, and in gynaecological operations. Dosage and Administration Standard Dosage The tablets must always be taken after meals. Trichomoniasis There are two possible therapeutic regimens: Single-dose therapy (for acute trichomoniasis); five-day therapy (for chronic forms of trichomoniasis). The tablets should be taken after meals. (a) Single dose therapy (b) Five day therapy Type of Treatment Daily Dosage (500 mg tablets) (a) Single-dose 3 tablets in the evening (b) Five-day therapy 2 tablets (1 tablet mornings and evenings) In all cases, the sexual partner should also be treated using the same oral dosage so as to avoid reinfection. The dosage for children is 25 mg per kg bodyweight per day, given in a single dose. Amoebiasis (a) Three-day treatment of patients with amoebic dysentery (b) Five-to-ten-day treatment for all forms of amoebiasis Duration of Treatment Daily Dosage Adults and children over 35 kg Children up to 35 kg a) Three days 3 tablets in one evening dose Over 60 kg bodyweight: 4 tablets ( 2 tablets mornings and evenings) 125 mg (1/4 tablet) per 3 kg bodyweight in one dose (equivalent to 40 mg per kg) b) Five to ten days 2 tablets (1 tablet mornings and evenings) 125 mg (1/4 tablet) per 5 kg bodyweight in one dose (equivalent to 25 mg per kg) Giardiasis (lambliasis) Duration of Treatment Daily dosage Adults and children over 35 kg Children up to 35 kg One to two days 3 tablets in the evening in one dose 125 mg (1/4 tablet) per 3 kg bodyweight in one dose (equivalent to 40 mg per kg) Anaerobic Infections Prophylaxis: 1500 mg orally, 12 hours before surgery then 500 mg 12-hourly for 3 to 5 days postoperatively.
StrengthQtyPriceOrder Qty
500mg10 Tablets$94.83
500mg30(3 x 10) Tablets$213.77
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