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Manufacturer:Sun Pharma manufactures Panlipase.
Uses:The uses of Panlipase include:
This medication contains digestive enzymes to help break down and digest fats, starch, and proteins in food. It is used in conditions where the pancreas cannot make or does not release enough digestive enzymes into the small intestines to digest the food (e.g., chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, cancer of the pancreas, post-pancreatectomy, post-gastrointestinal bypass surgery).
StrengthQtyPriceOrder Qty
10000+37500+3320IU50 Capsules$88.76
10000+37500+3320IU100(2 x 50) Capsules$138.18
10000+37500+3320IU200(4 x 50) Capsules$201.84
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