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Rimadyl Chewable

Uses:The uses of Rimadyl Chewable include:
Rimadyl is manufactured by Pfizer. Rimadyl (pronounced “Rim-a-dill”) is a 24-hour, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is administered once a day. It provides safe and effective relief of pain and inflammation due to canine arthritis, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. Available only by prescription through your veterinarian, Rimadyl comes in three formulations: Rimadyl Chewables: Dogs love these chewable, liver-flavored tablets, making pain relief easier for dogs and owners. In fact, studies show that dog owners prefer administering chewable medications to conventional pills (1). And, in palatability studies, 100% of small dogs and 99% of large dogs freely accepted Rimadyl Chewables (2). Rimadyl Injectable: The first and only injectable NSAID approved for canine osteoarthritis and post-operative pain management makes it easy for your veterinarian to control arthritis pain, and prevent surgical pain before it starts by administering an injection before surgery, so that pain management is initiated before surgery begins. Rimadyl Caplets: Effective and easy to administer, this original formula helped Rimadyl become the #1 prescribed canine NSAID in the world, with over 10 million dogs treated!(3)
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25mg60 Tablets$108.52
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