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Uses:The uses of Terbinafine include:
Terbinafine is manufactured by UK Generics, United Kingdom. Indications Onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nail) caused by dermatophyte fungi. Tinea capitis. Fungal infections of the skin for the treatment of tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea pedis and yeast infections of the skin caused by the genus Candida (e.g. Candida albicans) where oral therapy is generally considered appropriate owing to the site, severity or extent of the infection. Note: In contrast to topical Terbinafine, oral Terbinafine-DP is not effective in pityriasis versicolor. Dosage and Administration The duration of treatment varies according to the indication and the severity of the infection. Children No data are available in children under two years of age (usually < 12 kg).
StrengthQtyPriceOrder Qty
250mg28 Tablets$58.41
250mg84(3 x 28) Tablets$91.66
250mg168(6 x 28) Tablets$136.09
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