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Thrombophob Gel - Generic Heparin/Benzyl Nicotinate

Manufacturer:Cadila manufactures Thrombophob Gel - Generic Heparin/Benzyl Nicotinate.
Uses:The uses of Thrombophob Gel - Generic Heparin/Benzyl Nicotinate include:
Thrombophob gel is a combination of Heparin and Benzyl Nicotinate. It is used for the management of thrombophlebitis (a condition of swelling of superficial blood vessels due to blood clots), inflammation of tendons, and other superficial bruises. It works by widening the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow to the affected area, and preventing blood clot formation. Thrombophob gel is used to improve conditions of localised bleeding and clotting outside the blood vessels in case of superficial thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, tendovaginitis, and superficial bruises.
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Thrombophob Gel - Generic Heparin/Benzyl Nicotinate available now from The Pharmacy Express.



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