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Manufacturer:CSL manufactures Ultraproct.
Uses:The uses of Ultraproct include:
Indications Haemorrhoids, superficial anal fissures, proctitis. Dosage and Administration The anal region should be cleaned thoroughly before using ULTRAPROCT®, which is best applied after defaecation. There is usually a rapid improvement, but this should not mislead one into stopping treatment too soon. To avoid relapses, ULTRAPROCT® should be continued for at least one week, though less frequently (ointment once a day or one suppository every other day), even when the symptoms have completely disappeared. However, duration of treatment should, as far as possible, not exceed 4 weeks. Ointment Generally, ULTRAPROCT® ointment is applied twice daily. On the first day for faster symptomatic relief, it can be applied up to four times a day. A little ointment (about the size of a pea) is smeared around the anus and in the anal ring with a finger, using the fingertip to overcome the resistance of the sphincter. Before applying within the rectum, the enclosed nozzle should be screwed on to the tube. However, for very inflamed and hence painful lesions, it is advisable initially to apply the ointment internally with the finger. Protruding lumps should be smeared thickly and pressed carefully back with the finger.
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0.92/0.95/5mg90gm(3 x 30gm)$132.19
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